In my body of work, I reflect through the format of lockets, on significant places in my life.

 I have always had a very strong connection with places dear to myself. They range from the grand expanses of national parks to the warm intimacy of my bed. I yearn for them when I am stuck elsewhere, daydream about dropping everything and wandering off to them. These places make me feel safe and myself. When I am away from them for too long, I become overly aware of my presence. They are places where loving is enough. There are no other expectations when I am in these places. I am able to be my absolute full self, and for that, I am grateful.

Often, I collect objects from these places and hold onto them throughout my life, as physical reminders of their significance to me as well as their beauty. In a similar way that people put pictures in lockets for memory, I will put these objects into my handmade lockets specifically crafted to represent the places related to the objects. The objects will be secured, but also removable from the lockets so the viewer may feel the same joy I felt when first discovering these objects.

 This project is a very personal reflection, but is also meant to have a significant impact on viewers. While people look at my lockets, they will feel a yearning for place, different than my own, but similar in the way it calls to them.