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My Story and Mission


How it all started

Deanna Scherrer Jewelry was born out of the beauty and resources of Boise, Idaho. After moving to Boise for school, I quickly discovered the endless outdoor opportunities and worked for most of college as a backpacking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing and bicycling guide. These experiences have inspired my work.

I simultaneously studied at Boise State University and earned degrees in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Metal Art and Art Education with an emphasis in Art History from Boise State University in 2016.

After college, I combined my love for the outdoors with my dedication to metalsmithing and created Deanna Scherrer Jewelry.


My Mission


My ultimate goal with Deanna Scherrer Jewelry is to help people hold on to their adventures for life. I often find myself dreaming of trips past and I know I am not alone. I want you to have a little piece of adventure that is handmade with love by a fellow adventurer.


I strive to to monitor my environmental impact with everything I do with my business. I recycle my metals, buy recycled metals and get my marketing materials made with recycled paper products. While businesses inevitably have an impact on the world, I aim to make mine minimal.


I believe strongly in making jewelry that will last forever and never go out of style. I want you to be able to wear your Deanna Scherrer product for life and be proud of the story it tells.

Sustaining Our Communities

Giving back is an important aspect of my business. I have donated business earnings multiple times since I began Deanna Scherrer Jewelry. One of my proudest accomplishments in this area was donating over $500 to the building of the Bears Ears Visit with Respect Education Center shortly after the national monument was reduced in size.


I live by the Leave No Trace principles. When I recreate outside, I take everything I bring in back out with me and leave what I find in nature to continue to add to the environment. I spread these ideals through marketing and my products. Instead of taking something from nature to preserve a memory, get a River Necklace and wear it with pride.

My trusty tools.

My trusty tools.

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An early generation

river necklace.